Hydr02 Cryo Facial

Men and women both want to look their best. If you are bothered by certain skin conditions or, the Hydr02 Cryo Facial is a great solution! You will be able to enjoy an improved complexion in no time!

This relaxing treatment will give you instant radiant results! It has been called, “The Hollywood Facial” because it cleanes, rejuvenates and helps you glow the way you would want before you walk the runway! Clarifying and Skin-Purifying serums will be gently infused into your skin to help release stubborn black heads and dead skin cells. Then, with a diamond tip and suction action we will exfoliate and deeply cleanse your skin, like never before.  The newest Cryo-Toning feature will help to boost collagen, shrink pores and seal in the treatment serums. Your skin will be smoother, tighter and clearer after this amazing hydrating and relaxing facial!