Laser Hair Removal

This new technology uses the light and heat energy to minimize the risk of side effects. It also eliminates the need for skin cooling techniques, so it is much more comfortable than a traditional laser. Laser hair removal takes from 6 to 10 treatments on the average to have a permanent 80% to 90% hair reduction.​

How is LHE Laser Hair Removal different?​

Laser and IPL (Intense Pulse Light) devices rely only on light energy to remove hair and discard the associated heat that is generated. These treatments require a very high concentration of light energy (fluence) to be effective, and can be damaging and painful. By contrast, LHE (Light Heat Energy) uses heat to help remove hair. By utilizing light and heat energy, it reduces the risk of harmful side effects. It takes 8 to12 treatments on the average to have 80 to 90 percent of your hair permanently removed.​

How does LHE Laser Hair Removal work?​

LHE laser hair removal directs a beam of broad spectrum light and heat to the pigment (melanin) within the hair shaft. The heat and light energy raises the temperature of the shaft and is guided to the hair follicle. The hair follicle is damaged by the energy and hair is permanently removed without damaging the surrounding skin.​

Where is Laser Hair Removal effective?

​ Laser hair removal is suitable for practically every area except the eyebrows. The most popular areas for women are the bikini line, underarms, legs and face while the face, neck, shoulders and back for men.

When will I achieve permanent hair reduction?​

Most people will start to see results as soon as the 3rd treatment with our Spectrum. A minimum of 6 to 10 treatments are usually needed to achieve permanent hair reduction. Treatments are spaced about 3 to 4 weeks apart.​

Does Laser Hair Removal hurt?​

Laser hair removal feels like a very short tingling, a quick pulse of heat or the light snap of a rubber band. Numbing cream or ice packs can help alleviate symptoms, but are rarely needed.​

Is Laser Hair Removal Right for me?​

All light-based treatments require the hair is darker than the surrounding skin. LHE can provide safe and comfortable permanent hair removal for patients of all skin types, even for those with dark skin.​

How many Laser Hair Removal treatments will I need?​

Each hair follicle goes through growing and resting phases. Hair is most successfully treated in the growing phase. At any given time, 15 to 20 percent of your hair will be in this stage. During the treatment, only hair that’s in the growth stage will be removed. Since not all of your hair develops at the same time, sessions are scheduled a few weeks apart until all hair follicles have been treated. This is why at least 6 to 10 hair removal treatments are required to achieve permanent hair reduction.​