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This non-surgical treatment uses a microneedling pen, which penetrates the skin’s surface with microneedles to stimulate a wound-healing process that boosts your body’s collagen production. It can help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, lighten acne spots and melasma, tighten skin, and improve the appearance of enlarged pores.


RF Microneedling

With the PiXel8-RF Radio Micro-Needling System, patients have reported their skin surface to become softer and smoother even after just one treatment. This technology also enables technicians to adjust the energy levels delivered into the tissue from 0.5mm to 3.5mm to make the treatment safer for different skin types while producing desired results.


Chemical Peels

Chemical peels use acids to carefully exfoliate the skin, removing damaged skin cells across the treatment area. If done properly, this procedure reveals healthy new skin, with minimal discomfort and downtime. Note that enzymes and acids produce mild to moderate tingling sensations.

Acid Peels

Acid peels not only exfoliate surface dead skin, but also work at a deeper level within the skin. They are perfect for maintenance peels without the downtime. These acids are often combined in skincare products to balance and maintain a healthy complexion. A series is encouraged for maximum result, each one occurring about 1 to2 weeks apart.

Lactic Acid Peel

Lactic, derived from milk, is the mildest of the acid peels. It is ideal for almost any type of skin, especially for those who are dry or dehydrated. Even sensitive or rosacea skin can benefit from this hydrating and refining peel.

Salicylic Acid Peel

Salicylic is included in almost all acne treatments, as it is an antibacterial powerhouse. This peel digests dead skin and bacteria, promoting faster healing time and a deeper cleanse. (Not for those allergic to aspirin.)

Medium Depth Peels

Do you want immediate results? Then try one of these resurfacing peels. They will give you a brand new start from deep acne scarring, sun damage or fine lines and wrinkles.

TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) Peel

Ideal for congested and sun damaged skin, as well as wrinkles and fine lines, this peel causes skin to shed itself and produce a fresh, brand new layer underneath. Downtime for this peel can be 7-10 days, but results are immediate and long lasting. It can be done every 3 to 6 months.

Jessner Peel

A blend of acids, this peel is ideal for deep scarring, sun damage and wrinkles. Available in up to 7 layers, it is one of the strongest peels we offer. Your downtime will be up to two weeks with the initial peel occurring within the first five days.


Dead skin is gently buffed off using micro-crystals during this great resurfacing treatment. It's a perfect option for those wanting good results, but with little to no downtime. The treatment takes about 30 minutes and is the perfect “lunchtime treat” as very little discomfort is experienced. A series is encouraged for maximum results and long-term benefits.

VI Peel

A VI Peel is a medium-depth chemical peel that penetrates your top layer of skin to reach deeper layers underneath. It uses a product trademarked by Vitality Institute Medical Products. Like other chemical peels, a VI Peel exfoliates your skin and stimulates the production of new proteins. The procedure usually treats signs of aging, improves skin texture, and corrects hyperpigmentation issues.

Enzyme and Glycolic Peels

Ideal for congested and sun-damaged skin, as well as wrinkles and fine lines, this peel causes skin to shed itself and produce a fresh, brand new layer underneath. Downtime for this peel can be 7-10 days, but results are immediate and long lasting. It can be done every 3 to 6 months.

Mango/Cranberry Peel

This peel is great for the gentle removal of dead skin. It's ideal for sensitive or rosacea clients.

Cherry Berry Peel

This peel is a mild one for dry, dehydrated, aging or sun-damaged skin. It's packed with vitamins and has a mild tingling sensation.

Pumpkin Peel

This peel is great for acne, congested, dry, aging and sun-damaged skin. The vitamins in the pumpkin nourish the skin while killing bacteria and digesting skin cells. You will feel a mild to strong tingling sensation when getting this peel.

Glycolic Acid Peel

This acid, derived from sugar cane is ideal for those with large pores, fine lines, or deep congestion from acne. It brings everything up to the surface providing and maintaining a clear, refined and polished look.


IPL stands for “intense pulsed light,” which is an effective treatment for a wide range of skincare conditions. It’s frequently used for photo rejuvenation, specifically to lighten brown spots from sun damage or to minimize broken capillaries and rosacea. IPL treatments deliver light energy that penetrates all skin levels without harming the surface, so there’s little to no downtime.


RF Skin Tightening & Cellulite Reduction (Viora Reaction)

REACTION™ is an FDA-approved, cutting-edge treatment option for temporary cellulite reduction. It uses radiofrequency (RF) channels to target body tissue to break down fat cells and cellulite, and tighten skin. It’s also safe and available for most skin types.


Vein/Capillary Removal (with Laser)

Our YAG laser delivers the precise dosage of energy to zap away problematic spider veins without affecting nearby healthy blood vessels or skin tissue. The entire procedure generally takes only 20 to 30 minutes and no anesthesia is required.

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Briana Q. (Patient since 2020) Kind and Welcoming Staff
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The staff here is very kind and welcoming. The office is very clean and quaint. I've had Botox and lip filler done here, and it was my first time for both. I've always felt very comfortable here and never felt judged.

Aug 24, 2021
Susan H. (Patient since 2021)Love everyone at the spa. All are professional...
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Love everyone at the spa. All are professional snd kind. They go above board to help you meet your needs and concerns. They are just fabulous!!!

Jul 29, 2021
Kim D. (Patient since 2021)Comfortable
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As soon as I walked into First State I felt comfortable being there. The consultation was very thorough and informative. I made my own decisions on what I determined was best for me and my budget. I’ll go back as needed and have already referred a friend.

May 31, 2021
Beth Anne M. (Patient since 2020)My experience was first class from beginning to end.
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My experience was first class from beginning to end. The doctor and his staff are wonderful resources regarding the best procedures to meet your goals. There is never a hard sell for additional services that you do not need. The results I received are better than expected.

May 12, 2021
Jana C. Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
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Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value I love the service and the friendly staff! The spa is always nicely decorated and clean - very cozy and comfortable. They have great products and I stock up on all my skincare needs!!
Samantha D.This is the best place I have been so far.
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I have been to several med spas for fillers and I have to say this is the best place I have been so far. If you get something done and think you need it corrected, they will bring you back in with no hesitation and make sure you leave satisfied. I love them. Every single person who works here is amazing and super friendly. I would recommend coming here to anyone!