Spider Vein Treatment

First State Vein & Laser Center utilizes a combination of sclerotherapy and radiofrequency techniques to treat spider veins. Vein treatments are performed at our office and don’t require local anesthesia. You can walk out of the office after vein treatment and immediately resume your normal activities.

*Spider Vein Treatment is not covered by insurance*

YAG Laser Treatment

This effective spider vein treatment uses light therapy to target unwanted visible vessels such as spider veins, broken capillaries, vascular lesions, and more.


This treatment uses a high-frequency current that is delivered into the vessel using a hair-thin probe. The energy from the probe heats the vein, eventually causing the vessel to collapse and absorb into the body.


This treatment can be used for both spider and varicose veins. Sclerotherapy is done by an injection into the vein where the solution irritates the lining of the vein, eventually collapsing it.