Rejuvenating The Aging Neck

With SmartLipo & Other Age-Defying Modalities

By Nadiv Shapira, MD, Medical Director, First State Vein & Laser Med-Spa

The neck is difficult to hide, so many people are self-conscious about how it looks and are eager to refresh its appearance.

Why Does Our Neck Age Before Our Face Does?

Compared to the face, the skin on the neck is thinner and has less fat underneath it.

The neck is constantly in motion and with time the skin becomes depleted and saggy.

With age, fat accumulation in the neck results in the loss of definition in the jawline and can result in a double chin.

Drooping of the cheeks over the jaws towards the neck adds to the neck’s older-than-expected appearance.

Exposure to the sun and the elements further adds to the neck’s aging.

In the past, correction was almost exclusively done by surgery which was aimed to stretch the skin in a ‘neck or face lift.’ These are invasive, you cannot change the results if you are unhappy, it leaves scarring, and it may restrict your ability to show facial expressions. Skin texture and wrinkle issues will also not be solved. Luckily, there are new and less invasive options available now.


Smartlipo Triplex is effective to remove excess fat from the neck while it also tightens the skin. It’s a short office procedure, done by the insertion of a laser fiber through tiny incisions while under local anesthesia.

Aqua Contouring is a similar procedure employing water-jet liposuction instead of laser to remove unwanted fat. It can be a little less effective than laser in tightening skin but, it is safer for the fat removal from the lower face and the jowls. 

Body Contouring Machines: 

These devices emit energy aimed to reach underneath the skin in order to cause controlled local injury, which stimulates collagen synthesis and tightens the skin. 

 Ulthera utilizes focused ultrasound energy to precisely target the SMAS layer beneath the skin. Just one treatment is needed and the ultimate improvement is shown over 3-6 months, as your body naturally regenerates collagen.

Laser-based machines emit tiny laser beams that penetrate the skin in multiple points while sparing the skin between them. This modality requires 3-4 treatments but, laser can damage dark skin tones.

Radiofrequency machines emit energy from one point to another and are aimed to heat the tissue in-between. With Viora Reaction the combination of RF with vacuum stimulates collagen and reduces fat cells. 


Apr. 1, 2019