Why You Should Get a PDO Thread Lift

Dissolvable sutures are used in a thread lift procedure to tighten and lift the skin without the need for incisions. A thread lift is a non-surgical alternative to a facelift or brow lift that can be completed in less than 45 minutes.
A biodegradable polyester suture called polydioxanone (PDO) is used in thread lifts, similar to the dissolvable sutures used in surgery. PDO threads are best used to rejuvenate your skin while physically lifting it slightly, with the added benefit of collagen stimulation over time.
Let’s explore what sets a PDO thread lift apart from other lifting or skin-tightening treatments and what you can expect during the procedure.

Differentiating features of PDO threads

There are typically three types of sutures that can be used during a thread lift procedure, and PDO threads are one of those options. However, since PDO threads have been used in surgical procedures dating back to the 1980s, they are the oldest and most well-tested of the three options. The organic polyester threads they’re made of biodegrades in about six months.
During that time, these sutures stimulate a specific type of skin cell, the fibroblast, to produce additional collagen because of its presence on the skin. Collagen is the protein responsible for the firmness and suppleness of your skin. One of the major causes of skin aging is a lack of collagen.

Types of PDO Threads

There are three distinct kinds of PDO threads:

1. PDO Monofilament Thread

Smooth-textured sutures that are effective at rejuvenating the skin by boosting collagen production.

2. PDO Barb Threads

These threads are equipped with barbs that tug into your epidermis like tiny fishhooks, physically lifting your face in the process.

3. PDO Screw Threads

These threads, typically made of a single or double thread weave, are inserted under the skin to plump up sagging areas.

What Areas of the Face Can A Thread Lift Treat?

Most of the aging skin on your face can be treated with a thread lift. Common areas to get work done on include the mid-face (think the cheeks, jawline, and neck) and around the eyes.
Thread lifts are often combined with other anti-aging treatments like Ultherapy or dermal fillers because the effects aren’t as dramatic as those of facelift surgeries.

How Long Do PDO Thread Lifts Last?

Using PDO threads, most patients are able to see a nearly immediate lifted appearance to their treatment area, with many people seeing improvements in their results to up to 6 months for the peak benefits. PDO threads typically dissolve after about a year.

PDO Threads Near Wilmington, DE

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