Understanding and Managing Summer Flare-ups in Lipedema: First State Med Spa’s Approach

When you are living with lipedema, the summer months can be particularly challenging. As those in Wilmington, Delaware, know all too well, seasonal heat can lead to uncomfortable flare-ups. Today, we’re here to break down why these flare-ups occur and how the experienced team led by Dr. Shapira at First State Med Spa can help you effectively manage them.

Why Does Lipedema Flare Up in the Summer?

Lipedema, a chronic condition that causes swelling in the legs and sometimes the arms, worsens under heat. This is due to dilation of blood vessels that increase fluid retention, leading to an exacerbation of your lipedema symptoms during the warmer months.

Preventing Summer Flare-ups

At First State Med Spa, we believe that prevention is key. With warmer days on the horizon, it’s essential to start thinking ahead and implementing strategies to help reduce the severity of your summer flare-ups. Among the preventive measures we can suggest include staying cool, maintaining good hydration levels, wearing loose-fitting clothing for comfort, and investing in compression stockings.

Integrative Treatment Approaches at First State Med Spa

Unfortunately, even with the best preventive measures, summer flare-ups can still occur. This is where treatments at First State Med Spa, right here in Wilmington, Delaware, can play a critical role.

Under the dedicated leadership of Dr. Shapira, we offer a broad spectrum of lipedema treatments designed to manage symptoms and give you back control of your life. Our recommended approach typically includes a combination of lymphatic massage, compression therapy, pneumatic compression pump treatment, appropriate physical exercises, and, when necessary, minimally invasive procedures.

Given the highly individual nature of lipedema, Dr. Shapira tailors each treatment plan to the patient’s unique needs. Always focused on your overall health and wellness, we empower you to manage your lipedema, even during the challenging summer months.

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Dealing with lipedema can be overwhelming, but we want you to know you’re not alone. Dr. Shapira and the First State Med Spa team are here to guide and support you every step of the way. If you’re ready to find relief and manage summer flare-ups, contact us or visit us.

Summer doesn’t have to mean discomfort or distress because of lipedema. As a community-focused Med Spa in Wilmington, Delaware, we’re committed to providing effective care and treatment options for lipedema. Don’t let summer flare-ups dictate your plans anymore. Discover the difference that personalized, compassionate care can make at First State Med Spa. Contact us today by filling out our online contact form to schedule a consultation with our expert staff.